spit it out!
some private talk?

In a good way, in a negative way.

Which people do we call special? What qualities do separate them from others and make them more than a usual person?

We may discuss this question forever but finally, no result will be found - at least that's what I'm thinking. Possibly, anyone is special in his or her own way, possibly not.

Some news to tell: I live in my own apartment now, with a housemate of course and until now it  works pretty good. Maybe that's because both of us still relax... And in comparison to what expects me during my studies I have to point out that everything I've done so far was QUITE relaxing! What did I actually do? Learned Frensh or Spanish in about six years and felt as if we hadn't enough time for all the materials to learn. NOW I have to pick up latin skills in one semester (about 6 months) to receive the Latin certificate. This really pisses me off! In addition to that, the f****** plan of studies makes me learn ancient greek.

Bla bla bla... What else? Tonight I won't go out but enjoy the privilege of having the ability to surf and post and stalk people on Facebook.  

 All in all: The whole situation turns out to be special. I just wonder if it lasts for the next five or six years.

 I could get used to it.

18.10.11 18:41

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